Revere /rəˈvir/: To feel a deep respect or admiration for.

Revere Jewelers, an imprint of Revere Jewels, is a trusted fine jewelry resource and retailer rooted in Beverly Hills with a global reach and expertise. A family-owned and established business for over three decades, Revere has sourced pieces from all over the world and meticulously educated its roster of customers on every aspect of jewelry along the way.

Unlike a large commercial conglomerate that offers little to no personalinteraction, Revere’s founders Steve Hami and Avida Giloh work intimately with each and every client they cross paths with. Hami and Giloh have a deep-seated history of working all sides of the jewelry business – from buying to selling, from appraisal to acquisition – making them a go-to resource for all things that sparkle. Revere prides itself most on integrity and stellar customer service while ensuring that what cannot be found in the showroom can and will be crafted to your mind’s specifications. There is no piece too rare or too distinct.